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Mission Partners

Rowheath Pavilion Church has a significant number of people involved in cross-cultural mission both abroad and in the UK. We encourage our members to be involved in mission and can advise on how, where and when to go.  We organise training, pastoral support and debriefing and we coordinate financial and prayer support.  We also plan short term mission trips.

Hannah Hitchin is our Ministry Team Leader for Global Mission. Find out more about our church's involvement in global mission by downloading this pdf: Pavilion Church Global Missions Network.

Please find below an introduction to our current Mission Partners.

Brian & Comfort Jennings
Brian & Comfort Jennings serve in Ghana. Comfort is a missional entrepreneur, organising ethical businesses to empower women. Brian was one of the founding members of the Rowheath Pavilion Church who have supported him as a theological educator developing leaders for Church and Society for since the early 90s at Ghana Christian University College. Brian’s major areas of responsibility include teaching Christian Ethics to both ministry and management students and developing initiatives in practice based learning.